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Rakvere Linnus

Vallimägi, Rakvere,
44307 Lääne-Viru maakond

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Rakvere Linnus

Rakvere Linnus

Rakvere castle tour is a chance to step back into the past, to the mysterious Middle Ages. Rakvere castle is located halfway between Tallinn and border town of Narva. Departing from Tallinn to the east we’ll get to Rakvere Castle in 1.5 hours.

Stronghold Rakvere… VERE in Estonian means BLOOD. The castle faced many severe battles. Warriors attacking and defending the castle spoke different languages. The castle was under siege by Ivan the Terrible and Peter the Great, was owned by the German knights, Swedes and Polish.

Nowadays, soldiers, craftsmen, mercenaries and other medieval citizens live in the castle. One of them will meet us at the gates and guide you in the castle.

Inside there are many ways to rediscover the Middle Ages. You can take part in the knight’s tournament or archery competition, visit the alchemist’s lab, history room, armory, and feel the metal of the old swords in your hand. The bravest guests will know three main fears of the Middle Ages and visit the torture chamber.

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