GW COIN Tokens

GW COIN has produced touristic tokens since 2005, meeting the needs of clients all around the globe. The souvenir coins we offer receive positive opinions from both our partners and collectors, due to these three reasons: carefully copied intricate details, the highest quality workmanship and professional design. Our team of graphic designers will spare no effort to make your token a precious souvenir to be enjoyed for years.

GW COIN produces the following touristic tokens:
diameter: 30 mm, weight: 10 g
diameter: 32 mm, weight: 11 g
diameter: 35 mm, weight: 16 g

Our souvenir coins are made out of alloy and are gold-tone plated.
We offer customized tokens made of bronze or copper (diameter, gauge, design, material and finishing of your choice).

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GW COIN vending machines

GW COIN is a producer of souvenir coin vending machines. Since 2006 we have successfully employed large machines vending 2 patterns of coins. They are best suited for the most-visited tourist attractions, aiming at high sales. In 2015 we introduced a new token machine in the market. It is perfect for low-key locations, with high demand for discretion, such as churches, basilicas, sanctuaries, museums or castles. The new souvenir coin machine requires as little as 0.25 sqm and fits perfectly in limited spaces.

Our graphic department will customize every touristic coin machine to fit in with the character of a particular place. GW COIN token vending machines are user-friendly and reliable. Such an investment pays itself back in no time! Scroll through the gallery and familiarize yourself with our souvenir coin vending machines.
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What's in it for you?

Full-service product development (from an idea to the finished product )
Easy equipment operation (plug&work)
High quality tokens (proof coins )
Technical support (we are at your service)
Short payback period (as short as 2-3 months)
Marketing support (we offer training to our partners)
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