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GW Coin programme

Souvenir coins

GW Idea

The idea behind the GW COIN programme is to promote the World National Heritage, historical, cultural and tourist values, interesting places, regions, cities or theme trails that can be found in all countries of the world. 
When establishing the National Trail, we also create Regional Trails and Theme Trails propagating interesting and characteristic structures related to a particular region or topic: industrial facilities, museums, castles and palaces, religious buildings, theme parks, shelters...
Souvenir coins can only be bought in places designated on the trail`s map. You cannot buy them without visiting a particular place and purchasing them through a special machine which also promotes other places on given trail.

GW Promotion

In all places located on the trail there is a special unique commemorative souvenir coin issued by G.W.C. Maps, dedicated website in several languages and leaflets promoting a given region can be also found there .

GW Album

The commemorative coins offered by GW COIN not only function as an excellent original souvenir from a given place or carries a numismatic and collector value for some people but also is ideal supplement to the photos and films made by all tourists.

Collect Your Memories...

GW Coinmats

The GW COINMATS are not only points of sale but also they are as well a service where tourists obtain information about the most interesting places in the nearest area, making them an effective promotional tool!

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